Benefits of UCSE membership

The UCSE is a platform for networking with experienced science editors and experts in publication ethics, bibliographic databases, information management, digital communication, and languages. By joining and representing Ukrainian and other journals at the UCSE, members broaden prospects of upgrading their journals’ editorial policies, improving their writing, reviewing, and editing skills, and influencing the science growth in Ukraine and elsewhere in the world. The UCSE welcomes all scholars involved in editing journals and other sources in line with acceptable ethical norms. The non-exhaustive list of UCSE membership includes:

  1. Regular expert evaluations of the quality and integrity of representative journals
  2. Regular attendance of the UCSE educational webinars, seminars, and congresses
  3. Discussing specific editing, reviewing, and writing issues with other members on the UCSE e-Forum platform
  4. Opportunity to post on the UCSE site career promotion requests and receive related offers from other members
  5. Opportunity to contribute to the UCSE journal as authors, share experience and original research data, and receive expert advice from highly skilled editors
  6. Opportunity to join the UCSE working groups drafting editing recommendations
  7. Opportunity to establish cooperation with national, regional, and global editorial and allied professional associations